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Used Parts & Accessories

For less than the cost of a one day ad in the local newspaper, you can advertise your SAAB or SAAB parts and accessories here for up to three months!  Contact Chris for details!   Also, for later model Saab classifieds, check out The San Diego SAAB Owner's Group!

New and Used Parts Stash

Used items for 95/96/97, some 99/900 parts, a few stroker parts. I have Monte Carlo front brakes, and parts to convert an early Sonett to floor shift, 20 some hubcaps, V-4 motor, plain case and webbed transaxle, gas tanks, radiators, heater cores, blowers, wiper motors, alternators, starters, drivers, cv joints, brake drums, rear shoes, 5 dashes (one in nice shape with the mirror on the dash), window glass, a good door, some fenders, trunk lids and hoods. All parts were functioning when removed but I�d be happy to sell them as rebuildable cores. There is an Excel model of the bigger items.
NOS parts for 95/96/97/99/900. I have an Excel model listing those parts and their value in 1999 which was nearly $10,000.  There are a few things not in the Excel model yet, not too many.
Factory special tools for 95/96/97/99/900. There is an Excel model of those. I don't have names on many of the tools but I have grouped them by function.
Every pre-GM factory manual.

I would like to sell each of the four items as units. All prices are very negotiable as my house is going up for sale.  You can see the details on these items at this link:  


Contact me by email at mylesj@outlook.com or by phone at 541-895-2255. My name is Myles Swift

 Q: 6/15/17



The VSAAB Parts Bin - Used Parts for SAAB 99s 
Chris Rogers (San Diego, California USA)

The bits listed here have all been recovered from other trusty SAABs.  E-mail with other needs.

Available Description Condition Image (click to enlarge) Price 
1 Brake fluid reservoir Good $12
1 Wiper switch Very good $22
1 Seat belt latch assy Good $14

Shipping and sales tax are additional, if applicable.  Click for e-mail above or call (858) 530-0019.   Please mention the stock # when inquiring.  Also, click here for NEW parts from the VSAAB Parts Bin.


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