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The USA SAAB 93 Registry

Once again, VSAAB subscriber extraordinaire Bruce Turk has gone above and beyond the call of duty in gathering the initial raw data for this registry of US-based SAAB 93's and their owners.  A lot of changes have been made to the original list since then and of course, we only know of a change if the owner contacts us.  If you own a 93 and would like to have your car listed here, or if you ARE listed here and would like to add a photo or change your information, please contact Chris Rogers or fill out the form.

Photo Year / Model VIN Owner Notes
  1956 93 DeLuxe COL891-8

Lars Wistr�m
Plommonv�gen 50
S-74131 Knivsta Sweden

This one's not in the US, but I couldn't help but include it!  -- Chris

1956 93

Sean Tennis
1020 NE 95th St.
Seattle WA 98115

Very original car that is driven regularly.  Approximately 250 93's were exported to the United States in 1956.
1956 93 DeLuxe 25045

Henner Kroeper
Seilergasse 2
6020 Innsbruck

Purchased from Gabi Nause, ~2011
  1957 93 ?

Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088

Car is rust-free and is being restored
1957 93 30964

Jeff Lyon
4415 Tanglewood Way
Napa, CA 94558

(SOLD to Carl Wennerstrom, Autumn 2011)

Complete car with original 750 cc engine, needs total restoration, but in solid shape. This is an old one!
  1957 93 31027 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088

This car is being restored.  Rebuilt engine.  It was purchased from Jack Lynch.  Previously, Jack had written: A blue car that was painted black when new.  One owner out of Pennsylvania, owner died and car was left in barn in Kent county Maryland in 1968.  I purchased the property in 2005 and discovered 5 cars in the back part of the barn. 

  1957 93 31211

Jim Kowalski
4030 Windmill Drive
Independence, MN  55357

A true Minnesota barn find! 750cc. Wish we could keep it and restore it: Currently on eBay, and we will encourage the next owner to update this registry listing.

  1957 93A 31217 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
This is a beautiful, rust-free car that is nearly restored.  It is grey with a rebuilt engine just installed.

31793.jpg (28032 bytes)

1957 93 31793

Dan Meeker
RR1, Box 386
Dallas, PA  18612

So rusty, the original color is not known.  Complete wreck.  Almost no floor pan.
1957 93 31927

Tom Donney
3553 5th Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA  50501

This car was owned by Larry "Stroker" Williams and then by his brother Pete.  Now finishing a total restore.  Check out www.donneysaab.com for details.
1957 93 31938

Dan Witt
Boston, MA

Black, very solid car with new paint and interior. The original 750cc engine seized and was replaced under factory warranty with a 850cc! Four known previous owners.  Once owned by Kevin Shaw, last changed hands early 2012.  Before Kevin's ownership, car had been driven 50 miles since 1968.  Approx. 62,000 miles.

1957 93 32854

Mike Dougherty
1 Island Dr, Unit 16
Norwalk, CT  06855
(201) 819-1950

Exceptional original car, driven regularly
  1957 93A 34706 Bruce Welch
RR #1, Box 1896
Williamstown, VT  05679
(802) 276-3356
This is a rust-free car that needs restoration.  It is currently a rolling chassis but will be restored soon.
1958 93B 38530

Sue Breiner
52638 Ruth Street
Granger, IN  46530
(574) 247-1929

White, sitting in the barn, awaiting restoration.  Have rebuilt motor by Larry Williams and most parts ready to go.  Not too much rust!
turk 58.jpg (33880 bytes) 1958 93B 38732

Bruce Turk
333 Saint Andrews Rd.
Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2469

Completely restored to factory stock with the exception of a GT-750 motor.  Original motor is completely rebuilt and sitting in storage. Registered and driven regularly.
1958 93B 41935

Tom Donney
3525 Fith Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA  50501

Funky yellow, needs total restoration.  Former Sweeney ice racer.  Has two radiators stuffed in it side by side.  Make offer!

1958 93B 42249

Paul Dolmetsch
160 Bennmont Street
Bennington, VT  05201

Rusty rockers and trunk.  Definitely not a parts car and worthy of a complete restoration.  For Sale?
1958 93B 43468

Lester Ewing
5803 Youree Dr.
Suite H 
Shreveport, LA  71105 
(318) 869-0109

Blue with dual brown racing stripes.  Floorpan rust, locked up engine.
  1958 GT750 47676 David V. Winstead, Ph. D.
PO Box 250
Essex, CT  06426
(860) 304-9544
Owned by (30 years) and purchased from Bill Jacobson in Wilmington, Delaware.  Currently under restoration.  Has correct 750 engine (block, head, carbs) and correct transmission.  Will be a great addition to my restored GT850 and 2-stroke Monte Carlo.  See them on YouTube ("David Winstead Saab")
  1958 93B 47928

Shawn Irelan
PO Box 93
Peshastin, WA 98847

Owned it 30 years, drive it to NW SAAB owners club meets and display it at 6296 US Hwy 97 in central Washington.  Dark green, suicide doors.  Nice car!  The pride of the collection.
46806.jpg (30984 bytes) 1958 93B 46806

Dan Meeker
RR1, Box 386
Dallas, PA  18612

Black, some good sheet metal, interior eaten by critters, chain saw needed for a closer look
1958 93B 48501

Ed & Sandi Funk
3 Andrews Road
Malvern, PA  19355

The Sweet Beet is in very good shape. Victor Haaj started the restoration a good while ago and didn't finish.  He asked Bill J to store it and sell it.  I was fortunate to come along at the right moment to purchase and finish the job.  I've been driving around locally for the five years.  Great car!  Runs very well.

As of August 2007, the Sweet Beet has been sold.  Feel free to e-mail for info.

  1958 93B 48868

Bob Dorste
5849 N.E. Simpson St.
Portland, OR  97218
(503) 284-0580

Black with all GT750 except exterior trim.  Possibly a combo of two cars?  VIN and year don't seem to go together?  Complete and a starter shy of running/driving.  Purchased from 20 yr. owner Richard Hansen.

  1958 GT750 49056 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
wpe7.jpg (25763 bytes) 1958 93B 50382

Barry Nash
6903 E. Eastman Ave.
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 758-2724

Green, bought last fall from Pete Carson.  Little/no rust.  Has been upgraded with 850cc motor, 4-spd tranny, 5-bolt hubs & V4 calipers.  Currently unregistered.  Awaiting shift linkage parts & water hose. Needs general cleanup/TLC but has a future.
1958 93B ?

Nick Julian 
4252 Mexico Rd.
Central Square, NY  13036
(315) 963-7093

Total Basket Case
1958 GT750 ?

Bill Jacobson
Sports Car Service Inc. 
3901 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
(302) 764-SAAB
(302) 764-7439

Registered and running, excellent overall condition.
Meeker58GT 750.jpg (29396 bytes) 1958 GT750 ?

Dan Meeker
RR1, Box 386
Dallas, PA  18612

Blue, original GT dash is still intact with correct gauges. Halda Speed Pilot is VERY corroded and probably junk. Floor is all but gone. Interior is shot.
1959 93B ? Neil Amour

Found in a barn in northern Maine, stored since 1964 according to its original owner.  Original 750 is unaccounted for, but it came with a "fresh" looking 850 with 2 new pistons installed.  Still has the 3 speed though.  I also picked up a GT steering wheel for fifteen bucks that looks mighty sharp in the cockpit.

  1959 93B 50394

Ole Pedersen via Bruce Turk

Found in a junk yard in Oneida, NY.  Black with no floor, but still has some good 93 bits.  May she rest in pieces.

1959 93B 50425

Jack Ashcraft 
Medford, OR

Black.  I own the car at the present, BUT it is being sold to John Farella of Prince George, British Columbia.
  19?? 93B 50512

Bob Dorste
5849 N.E. Simpson St.
Portland, OR  97218
(503) 284-0580

Grey-blue.  A shell w/o engine or trans and most of interior.  Severe paint damage to front from proximity to Saab repair shop that burned to the ground.  Lost title from fire, plate# brings up different 93B VIN #. Purchased 48868 to be closer to a driveable 93B.

  1959 93B 53514 Charles Gould
163 Country Club Road
Newton, MA  02459
(619) 965-4848

July 15, 2011 - discovered and rescued from a 43 year slumber in an old New England Barn. This is a one owner, 22,000 original mile example of the Model 93B, and although it will require work, it is a remarkably well preserved example of a significant model Saab.

sinclair.jpg (30208 bytes) 1959 93B 53732

Bill Jacobson
Sports Car Service Inc. 
3901 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
(302) 764-SAAB
(302) 764-7439

Light blue 93B resided on the floor of the Saab Museum at Trollhättan from 1961 until Bob Sinclair "liberated" it in exchange for his '67 Sonett some years back.  Excellent original condition.  Bill purchased in mid-2001.
  1959 95B 53821 Colin Christie
55 Mt Prospect Road
Lancaster, NH  03584

This has a GT 850 rebuilt Bud Clark engine in it. Run down the road sweet but it needs a better paint job than the 3 grader one on it now! Needs new head liner and rear seat / hat shelf. I'm looking forward to doing it but this can be bought!

1959 93B 55673

Jared Polesky
Oregon, USA

93B chassis but all mechanical and interior is a '64 GT850 from #208886.  Stored since 1966.  34K miles on chassis, 18K on engine.  BMC Polar White exterior, red/grey inserts interior -- original and in good shape.  Vehicle is in good working condition. Purchased from Tom Louie 9/2009.
Lance Levethan.jpg (39654 bytes) 1959 93B 56345

Lance Levethan
PO Box 3231
Stanford, CT  06905

Black with red interior.  Bruce Turk says, "This 21,000 mile all original car was displayed for decades in the showroom of Lighthouse Motors in Brewster, NY.  Lance has beautifully preserved the car in its original condition for many years. Winner of "Best unrestored car" at the Greenwich, CT Concours d'Elegance in 1999.  Driven regularly.  Former Merwin Dickens car.
wpe9.jpg (21766 bytes) 1959 93B 56507 Jim & Meg Hutchins
2376 Bailey Road
Hubbardsville, NY 13355
(315) 861-7708
Black, recently purchased in Ohio with 31,000 miles on the odometer.  Last registered in 1963.  Solid car in need of a complete restoration.
scott1a.jpg (42082 bytes) 1959 93B 56519

Scott & Cathy Reeson
67 East 20th Street
Fremont, NE  68025
(402) 727-5667

Black with silver racing stripes.  Has the original motor and a Saxomat clutch. The car needs a total restoration. It hasn't run for about 20 years.  Great body with no rust.  All the parts came with it.
  1959 93B 58285

Warren Cochrane
PO Box 713
Greenville, ME  04441
(207) 695-3668

Bought about 4 years ago. Restored for driving but needs some more work to run well.  Hope this will be done over the winter.  (A 93-B was my first car in 1959! I drove 2 strokes until the early '70s.)
59Scheidt.jpg (29133 bytes) 1959 93B 58299

Matt Scheidt
1405 Clay St. 
Cincinnati, OH  45210
(513) 783-9573

 Green, sunroof, 850 motor & 4-speed trans (I have original 750 & 3spd).  V4 disc brakes. This car is in running condition and looks good. The exterior is completely stock, but the interior is a reproduction that looks good but is not 100% correct.
Ruvin.jpg (28472 bytes) 1959 93B 59151 John Heckman
946 Ashton Drive
Shippensburg, PA  17257

(717) 532-5545
850cc,  custom interior.  Previous owner Howard Ruvin won the People's Choice Award with this car in '99 Saab Convention held in Keystone, CO.  Currently awaiting a new clutch.
1959 93B GT750 60450 Tom Donney
3525 Fith Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA  50501
(800) 626-7222
Dark green. needs total restoration, most GT parts on VIN# 65301
1959 93B 61686 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
A solid blue, rust-free, Arizona car with new engine being installed.
1959 93B 61885 Phill Tomeny
23 Union Street
Waterbury, VT  05676
(802) 244-8843

NOTE:  ...SOLD to Bruce Welch summer of '06...

This car was driven from Seattle to Vermont in the 80's. The previous owner stripped it, restored the body, sandblasted and painted it. Then it was stored for 10 years in pieces. I acquired it as a "kit". The kit seems complete and my goal is to have it on the road in the summer of 2003. Ah, the stuff dreams are made of.  This project has suffered from general inertia and has not progressed as I had planned. A renewed sense of commitment has pushed it near the top of the "to do" list this summer (2003). Someday.....

mats1.jpg (150823 bytes) 1959 93B 62847 Mats Nasstrom
Billstavagen 5
88132 Solleftea
Red with 850cc engine and also brake system from a -64.  The paint is almost original with old patina. Picture will be coming in the future.
  1959 93B 63126 Norman Hicks
415 Mayellen Ave
San Jose, CA  95126
(415) 725-1670

I need instrument cluster, lots of rubber parts and who knows what else.  I would like to hear from people with parts.  I am not a restorer will have disk brakes and hopefully a 850 engine.  I have a 1973 95 which I will use, where appropriate for parts. Anyone want the shell when I am finished??

  1959 93B 63173 Bob Lindahl
This all-original car has the rare Saxomat option!
  1959 93B 63336 Steve Crocker
San Francisco Bay area

Purchased sans engine and transmission from Paul Perry in 2011.  Previously owned by Bud Clark in the 70's, at which time the car was configured with a '67 Liquid Deluxe oil-injection 850 engine, a 4-speed transmission, and front disk brakes.  Somewhere between Bud and Paul somebody added a full roll cage.  The VIN plate is missing, but the (palindromic) number was listed on service records that came with the car.  The body seems very solid but the paint looks like hell.  Current plan is to stick with the rally theme, which saves me the trouble of sourcing a new interior.  Hoping to have it roadworthy by the summer of 2013, get some miles under the hood, and then tear the car down for paint.

  1959 93B DeLuxe 64387 Adrian Rendle
Leatherhead, UK
Imported from Poland, belived to be home market car, needs full restoration
1959 93B 65303 Tom Donney
3525 Fith Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA  50501
(800) 626-7222
White, needs total restoration, might sell.
Clyde93B.jpg (20909 bytes) 1959 93B 65400 Clyde Billing Red, totally original with a little over 18000 miles on the odometer.  It still has the factory plastic on the doors.  The car was originally sold by Performance Motors in Falmouth, ME  and then wrecked. The car was repaired by Clyde and was then sold to the second owner. Purchased in the mid-70's from the second owner. It was last registered in 1963.
1959 93B 65423 Ken Freeman
(800) 447-2886
Red, incomplete and very rough but not being parted-out.
1959 93B ? Rob Lodes Owner is Rob Lodes but the car was towed to Ed McKenna's farm in Brackney, PA by Larry West several years ago for storage.  Unfortunately, rumor has it that the barn the car was stored in caught fire, damaging or destroying the car. A ll attempts to contact Ed McKenna have failed.  If you know where this car is please contact Bruce Turk at sonett1@frontiernet.net
Pharsalia.jpg (18981 bytes) 1959 93B ?


Discovered by Ed Lorenz in a barn in Pharsalia, NY that was damaged by "The Great Tornado Of 1998".  Demolition expert needed for a closer look. Other SAABs of the bullnose variety scattered about the property.
wpe5.jpg (22036 bytes) 1959 93b ? Elliot the carpenter, 1/4 mile up East Ave on the left. Sharon, CT
White, one of several vintage Saabs parked next to a barn. The barn was set ablaze by the owner in the fall of 2000, after an argument with his girlfriend. Several cars and perhaps the largest stash of vintage NOS Saab parts in the Northeast were completely destroyed.
1959 93B ? Jon Kjaerulff
Seabeck, WA 
White, sunroof - not running, restoration project.


1959 93B ?

John W. Bottger
PO Box 25133
Richmond, VA  23260
(804) 359-4840

Starting restoration and would like to know recommendations for engine & tranny rebuilders. Also sources for parts? Front windshield gasket, brake parts, the list goes on and on.  Help!
  1959 93B ?

Tom Becker
16541 SW 92 Ave
Palmetto Bay, FL  33157
(305) 251-1456

The car is in North Georgia at my brothers farm.  Car was driven daily until 1980, at which time it was parked, awaiting a move to Florida (of the car) which never happened.  Came with a 750 cc engine, but also have an inop 850cc three carb.  The car would run circles around my Tr-6 on a road course.  Will be restored in the near future.  Photos as soon as possible.

1959 93B ? Jon Kjaerulff
Seabeck WA
Black - not running, restoration project.
  1960 93F ? Ingvar "Swede" Carlson
15100 Salt Air Drive NE
Poulsbo, WA  98370-7078
360-598-3584 / 916-969-7074

I recently moved to the NW from N. California and now I need to give the little Red 93F a little Svenska love.  It has disc brakes but I think a new master cylinder is in order.   Also a tune up.  I'm looking forward to the various Saab events.

1960 93F 65301? Tom Donney
3525 Fith Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA  50501
Dark green, needs total restoration.  Has GT750 parts on it from VIN# 60450.
1960 93F 68282 Barry Nash
6903 E. Eastman Ave.
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 758-2724
Rust Brown (OK, just rust), acquired recently from Jim Addison, Swedish Motor Sales, Denver.  Mostly disassembled with parts in boxes.  Looks like a parts car.
leo1.jpg (66874 bytes) 1960 93F 69056 Leo Hagen
57-22 Mazeau Street
Queens NY, NY 11378
(718) 894-7468
Black, 14,050 original miles, 100% factory original right down to the tires.  Bruce Turk says, "This car has got to be the most original, pristine 93 on the planet. I have gone over this car with a fine toothed comb, it must have been stored in a time capsule." Former Bob Ludwig car.  
(Photo courtesy of 2000 SAAB Owner's Convention Organizers)
1960 93F 69332 Bob Haubenreich
371 Alverson Road
Pelzer, SC  29669
(864) 243-5366
Owned since 1988.
1960 93F 69565 Norman Stevens
Harpswell, ME 04079
750cc motor and transmission was rebuilt twenty years ago.  After the rebuild, the car was driven 1000 miles and then parked outdoors. 
Total basket case.
  1960 93F 69822 Arne Gunnarsson
38828 Harris Trail
Fallbrook, CA  92028
(760) 695-2131
120HP V4 engine, 4 spd steel trans, 99 driveshafts, Sonett III floor shifter, 99 radiator and cooling fan, Weber 40DFI carb, all leather interior
  1960 93F 70215 Ned Renner
(410) 583-9272
Original, unrestored, running but in bad need of brake hydraulics.  That's really all that is keeping it off the road.
1960 93F 70895 Larry Jewett
77 Austin Road
Leeds, Maine  04263
(207) 524-7151

Purchased from original owner August 2008 in Norwich, NY.  Last registered in 1967, stored in a barn since then.  Holes in fenders, trunk and floor, but very restorable.  Engine turns over easily.  Rear seat in mint condition, will serve as sample for new upholstery material.

1960 93F 71090 Ken Freeman
(800) 447-2886
Red, incomplete and very rough but not being parted-out.
BobAllen93.jpg (36001 bytes) 1960 93F 72205 Bob Allen
13939 Maugansville Rd.
Maugansville, MD  21767
Red with original sunroof.  750cc motor, GT-850 interior.  Excellent overall condition.  Registered and driven regularly.
Terrela 93F.jpg (27275 bytes) 1960 93F 72347 Al Tirella
387 Acorn Hill Rd.
Olivebridge, NY  12461
(845) 657-6622
Blue, stored in a barn, future restoration project.
  1960 93F 72539 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
This blue 93 has been just about restored and is in wonderful condition.  It has the rare sunroof option!  The original 750 was rebuilt.
  1960 93F 72648 Adrian Snare
Box 294
York Haven, PA  17370
(717) 266-4567
I bought the black beauty from Ray Stebbens in 1968, as I recall, for $500.  This was when I was an aspiring mechanic at Coldspring Saab, Huntington, LI, NY.  During the ensuing years she housed a regular 850, then a '67 850LD with oil injection - but this did not save the engine.  In '70 or '71 I installed a V4 ($225 j-yard).  This worked well for some years until in '76 or '77 the left side rear shock bracket broke off due to rust.  It has been in storage since then.  Now she is being restored again - maybe original this time.  The floor seams are rotted - even the fuel line rusted open ('76).   I fitted Koni shocks in the rear, and installed Hella "super bright" headlights.  Ray Stebbens fitted an interior and bumpers from a '65, wheels and brakes from a Monte Carlo or a special.  I shoehorned in seats from a Monte Carlo..
mancuso93.jpg (57178 bytes) 1960 93F 73??? Stephen Mancuso
115 Wilton
Troy, MI  48098
(248) 689-9585
Rescued from the threat of becoming a street rod or beng crushed. North Carolina car with minimal rust, but no engine (yet).
1960 93F 73006 Tan, Jim and Meg Hutchings 
2376 Bailey Rd. 
Hubbardsville, NY 13355
(315) 861-7708
Complete, but un-restored and not running.  Lots of potential, we hope. I believe we are the third owners and it has always been an upstate NY car.
1960 93F 73589 Bill Grable
735 7th Street
Lake Oswego, OR  97034
(503) 675-1808
It is rust-free with the original drivetrain.  I am planning to turn it into a daily driver and enjoy the smiles and stares.
1960 93F GT750 73895 Bob McNary
672 Sunvale Ave
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 654-1646
White, under restoration.  Also own a 1960 93F parts car, V.I.N.#?
turk 60 93F.jpg (25882 bytes) 1960 93F Racer 73964 Bruce Turk
333 Saint Andrews Rd.
Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2469
White (originally black) Former Chris Custer race car with extensive racing history. Car was dubbed the "94 1/2" because the front of the car is from a 1965 96.  Lowered suspension, disc brakes, stripped for weight.  Rotting peacefully in my backyard while simultaneously being used as a storage container.
  1960 93F 74205 Gerry and Pat Williams

4601 N Verde Vista Dr

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

(928) 775-2917

Bought from Scott DaPron of Prescott, AZ.  Has been repainted and engine done by Bud Clark.  Just a decent little car to drive.
1960 93F 74337 Bill Tubbs
13755 Beskeen Road
Herald, CA  95638
This was part of Jeff Lyons' 93 fleet and (as of Fall '05) is now part of my own VSAAB group.  Virtually rust-free and very complete.  This will be my first serious restoration project.
Susa60F.jpg (32550 bytes) 1960 93F GT750 74389 Saab Cars USA
John Moss, caretaker
Light blue, former Ken Edwards car, purchased as a wreck and restored by Bruce Welch, then sold to Saab.  Intensely immaculate, drool.

1960 93F Deluxe 74486 Tomas Nilsson
Tunnlandsgatan 3
256 67 Helsingborg

Tomas writes, "I bought the car for 30 years ago, worked as a SAAB mechanics at that time. It was then in very poor condition. During restoration I happened to put on fire of the interior when I was welding the body. The car stood unchanged some years and I don�t found any interior in correct colour so I came on other thoughts. When I was ready with the car 1986 had it become a different car, inspired of kustom cars from California at the start of the 1950s. The car has stock engine, gearbox and brakes. Win number 74486. First registration 1: a  January 1960.  I still own the car and l drive with it every summer."

  1960 93F 74542 David V. Winstead, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 250
Essex, CT  06426
(860) 304-9544

Purchased from Bill Jacobson in Wilmington, Delaware.  Blue exterior with mostly original interior in good condition.  Appears to have its original 750 engine/transmission/ windows. Surface rust on exterior panels and an intact rusted floor.  Has not run for many years. No evidence of any accidents.  Excellent candidate for a bullnose restoration.  Drain the gas, change the oil/plugs, add a battery and fire it up.

1960 93F 74543 Donald Mitchell
91 Grenville Circle
Churchville, PA
(215) 384-7206
Just bought on Ebay, from someone who has a 1958 93B GT750 and is getting it restored. This Saab spent most of it's life in Delaware from what I can tell and was at some point used as a parts car. Most of it is intact though, except for the emblems, wiper arms and other minor things. Needs some major rust repairs / replacement on the floor pan, but is otherwise pretty solid. My goal is to completely repair and restore it over the next couple of years.
1960 93F 74728 George Honicke
8405 West Central, Apt 603
Wichita, KS  67212
(316) 729-7898
Restoration completed in 2000.  Car is in South Africa.

1960 93F 75190 Robert Kane
417 South First Avenue
Alpena, MI  49707
Prior owner was Jeff Lyon who said, "Car is complete, with original 750cc engine, in good shape, except that the floor will have to be replaced."  Sold to Robert Kane in Spring '06. 

Car is now fully restored to original condition after 3 years of work. (See before and after photos...)
scott2a.jpg (55728 bytes) 1960 93F 75234 Scott & Cathy Reeson
67 East 20th Street
Fremont, NE  68025
(402) 727-5667
The car is blue, was black with red interior. The 750 motor is tore apart on the front floor. The car has a couple of dents and the rust is minimal.  Needless to say it needs a total restoration.
  1960 93F 75334 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
Very solid car with solid floors!  Black with red/gray interior and currently has GT850 engine.  Car was purchased in 1961 and includes original service booklet.
  1960 93F 75898 Bob Smith
PO Box 224
Ogunquit, ME  03907
Original 31K miles, stored in a barn for 30 years but was unfortunately driven five winters in Maine before being stored.  Needs a rear shock mount and the usual restoration.  Decent floor.  A work in progress.
Chuck Christ 93F.jpg (36815 bytes) 1960 93F Racer 76335 Charles F. Christ Sr.
9236 Newtown Rd.
Breinigsville, PA 18031
(610) 395-8783
Omaha Orange (originally black), was originally Race Car #25 but was assigned #251 by the SVRA for vintage racing.  850cc, 4-speed, type 3 drum brakes front and rear with soccer ball wheels, 96 dash, stock external trim.
  1960 93B 76350 David Reichert
4167 Jeffery Ave
Gumee, IL  60031

No passenger floor, no trunk floor, no motor.  In a faded black with faded red wheels and flat whitewalls, it called out to me.  I plan to get it solid and running, but I may honor the patina. 

1960 93F 76554 Jim Levine
10299 Shaker Blvd
Cleveland, OH  44104-3742
(216) 231-7222
This 93F was formerly owned by Chip Lamb, then by Bill Nyhan.  We plan to restore this car to new condition.
1960 93F 76809 Tim Winker
7676 Bear Trap Junction Rd
Converted to ice racer in 1976 by Pat Whelan, raced in the International Ice Racing Association (Minn, Wisc, Ontario).  Purchased by John Sanford for 1977 season. Driven at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Race by Tim Winker and Jerry Rinehart, finished 1st in Class B (only finisher in Class B).  Never raced again.
Purchased by Tim Winker in 1991.  Collecting parts (and dust) for restoration.  Has a 2-bbl Solex carb, 850cc engine, few other modifications.  Rust repairs during 2019/2020, has dual brake master (from Pinto?).  Needs paint, probably susp work and steering is funky.  Long way to go before it sees the track.
  1960 93F 77470 Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088
This car is about 80% restored and is used as a daily driver.  This blue 93F has the rare sunroof option.
1960 93F 77651 Mark Beechner
17 East Vacation Drive
Wappingers Falls, NY  12590
(845) 221-0233
Purchased three years ago and in the process of cutting out rust and welding in patches. The car needs the usual cosmetic work done but that will be easy compared to the rust repair. The car is equipped with the original factory sun roof and 750cc engine.
1960 93F ? Konsta Korhonen
Keinupuisto 6A
90160 Oulu
The car was restored in 1996 and is currently the only registered example in Finland (11/03).
Meeker6093F.jpg (27952 bytes) 1960 93F ? Dan Meeker
RR1, Box 386
Dallas, PA  18612
White, complete car but very rusty. Rear coil springs have pushed through trunk.  Interior is complete but nasty.
1960 93F ? Mark Pfeifer As the previous owner tells it, this car was abandoned on a military base in Alabama in the late 60's.  Last registered 1980 in Georgia.  As of 4/06 body has been completely rebuilt and repainted from bare metal.  In process of restoring mechanicals.
eric93F.jpg (195381 bytes) 1960 93F ? Eric Carter
3566 Jersey Street
Panton, Vermont  05491
(802) 475-2636
Bought about 8 years ago with totally rusted pan.  Upper part of car in pretty good shape (doors, fenders, etc). Totally apart in garage for the last 5 years - drivetrain out, interior out, floor pan pretty much fixed.  Motor is shot, but it did run when I got it.  I should probably get rid of it....
1960 93F Racer ? Randy Cook
413 Castleton Cr.
Tallahassee, FL  32312
(850) 656-5712
Red,  front disc brakes, Sonett transaxle,  850GT engine bored to 74mm,  roll bar, fuel cell, Sonett driver's seat, early Sonett alloy wheels, car has been vintage raced extensively since 1987.  Now resides at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.
harding.jpg (25080 bytes) 1960 93F ? Bill Harding 
612 west Franklin Street
Richmond , VA  23220 (804) 782-1733
Former Wendell Francis race car
  1960 93F ? Scott DaPron

(928) 445-4841

In a junk yard from early 1982 to 11/2/05.  In xlnt condition; no dents or repairs, 100% complete down to the small chain that pulls up the grill block for winter weather.  Tires were completely gone, upholstery is gone,  23 years in the California desert at 120 outside 140 inside can cook any car.

  1960 93F ? Ingvar Swed Carlson
6433 Topanga Canyon Road
Canoga Park, CA  91303
(714) 608-5965
Just recently purchased the vehicle. Also own a 1971 96. Also have many relatives in Trolhattan. Thanks!
  1960 93F ? Todd Jongen Car acquired from original owner in 2003.  Needs lots of TLC but will make a fine specimen someday. Is 100% complete right down to the box of old parts that were saved after being replaced over the years for restoration reference. Very much a Saab lovers dream.
  1960 93F ? Don Baker
3717 Gen. Chennault
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111
It has a 750cc engine and four-bolt, GT rims. I have extra fenders and an extra boot lid.  Needs restoration. A four speed and a three speed transmission stored inside.
1960 93F ? Willy and Mary Jane Pino
2608 Bretton Road
Wichita Falls, TX  76308
54,000 original miles.  Bought from original owner in Minnesota about 8 years ago. Currently in ground-up restoration, good body but some rust in rear fenders and looking for parts to replace.  Engine also in restoration and will have to replace pistons. Car stored since 1967 in a barn, and overall was in good shape except for some areas of rust.  When restoration complete should be a show model, black exterior with red interior. Also need to replace rubber molds on glass.
1960 93F GT850 Racer ? Bill Nyhan
Round Lake Beach, IL
Ex-Carleton Jones/Gordon Webster
1960 93F ? Jussi ???
Ex-Sandy Fotter
1960 93F GT850 Racer ? Craig Disney
Ft. Myers, FL
1960 93F ? Vernon Atterberry
Ft. Smith, AR
1960 93F ? Bill Strangfeld
254 Elm Ave.
Cinncinnatti, OH 45215
(513) 948-1071
Solid runner in need of restoration.  Former Ken Edwards car.
1960 93 GT750 ? John Johnston
77 Laxalt Drive
Carson City, NV  89706
(775) 246-7226

Also have a Standard model and a 1959 93B. All my cars have V4 axles, 4 speeds, and 850 engines. Have two Bud Clark built racing engines intended for the La Carrara Panamericana Road Race (Mexican Road Race)

1960 93F ? Joel Henry-Fisher
43 Margaret Street
Whitmore Lake, MI  48189
A floorless basket case that I plan to return to the road as soon as I stumble across a briefcase full of money.
1960 93F ? Jon Kjaerulff
Seabeck WA
Robins Egg Blue, runner in good condition.


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