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SAAB Poetry:  Our Two SAABs
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Thoughts:  SAAB Poetry, by Mike Szostkiewicz

Our Two SAABs  (originally printed in NINES #225)
My wife and I own two Saabs, you see
an '84 900T, and a '71 Sonett III.
Hers has lots more luxuries
with a CD, sunroof and A/C.
Mine is a rare, cute classic
and people have told me they wished they had it!
I've spent many an hour just fiddling and tinkering
From adjusting the valves and carb, to additional painting.
Most recently I've had to replace the V4 water pump
to get my "Little Mr. Saab" out of his slump.
My first car was a '79 99GL, 2 door
with a 4 on the floor, what more could I ask for?
I was in high school then and a novice driver as such,
and soon, all too soon, I would burn out the clutch.
I then vowed to one day own another Saab.
In the interim, a Spectrum, a truck, a Pulsar, but none could really do the job.
For us, only one car can there be!
For my wife and I own two Saabs, you see

THE SONETT (originally printed in NINES #227)
To own a Saab 97
is to have a little piece of Heaven.
For this car is truly amazing
the way you feel when you drive the little thing.
It matters not whether it be
a II, V4, or III.
a Saab Sonett is a one of a kind.
A truly rare and opportunistic find.
For those what are not familiar with this little treat,
tell them it looks like a cross between and Open and a 240Z.
But as we all know,
the Saab Sonett will go
down in history
as the best car with only two seats.
So now as you can tell
this car you should never sell.
But take this action only if you must
feel safe that your Sonett will never gather dust.
Because to own a Saab 97
is to have a little piece of Heaven.

- Mike Szostkiewicz, submitted February 2001

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