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SAAB Poetry:  The Honeymoon
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Thoughts:  The Honeymoon

I went upon my honeymoon
My husband he went too
Well! A friend of ours once told us
That's what you're meant to do
The car was piled with luggage
Tin cans were strung behind
We chose a seaside hotel
The best that we could find
Upon arrival we were met
By friendly management
The bridal suite was filled with flowers
Champagne on ice was sent
At last the hour of darkness fell
and I prepared for bed,
"I'll go and put the car away"
My brand new husband said
Two hours later all alone
I searched for him in tears
One peep into the garage
Confirmed my deepest fears
He'd met a kindred spirit
The owner of a SAAB
With heads under the bonnet
They discussed his triple carb
I could see that I was beaten
It was written on his face
In a choice between the car and me
I'd already lost the race
But you can learn to love them
Just as you your spouse
As long as you don't mind
The bits of engine in your house
So take heart all you wives
and girlfriends, All is not in vain
If you can share his love of SAABs
Together you'll remain.

 - transcribed from the SAAB club newsletter (Compact Front Wheel Drive Club of America), May 6, 1977
 - submitted by Thor Carlson, April 2002


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