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How To Evaluate a Used Transmission
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How-To:  Evaluating a Used Transmission
Bill Trench

Here are a few things you can check to determine if a used tranny might be a good candidate for your car.  Of course, none of these indicators on its own indicate a bad tranny.  We're also assuming here that certain parts haven't been switched during its life.

If you have more than one tranny you can compare these wear points to tell if one is better than the other.  And some components can be swapped without tearing the tranny down too far.  Of course, all of this may not seem too bad, and you might still have a nice whine while driving. (Not that I am advocating drinking and driving. That's up to you.) Sometimes you can still find a really low mileage tranny that was taken out of car that rusted out prematurely or was wrecked.  Other than rustout, this was truly the weak link in the car, and a lot of owners never figured out the proper way to use the freewheel.

Bill Trench, 11/00

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