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Here's your chance to influence the VSAAB website and The Vintage SAAB Mailing List!  It's also a great opportunity to learn a little bit about your fellow vintage SAAB owners.

As the saying goes, "You can't please all of the people, all of the time."  However, with a little input from those who really use VSAAB, I hope to please most of you... most of the time!

Your feedback is very, very important.  I take these surveys seriously.  While I can't guarantee that you'll always be happy with the result, your answers here will be taken into consideration as VSAAB grows.  While the original intention was to provide a new survey every week or two, we've fallen into what seems to be a more realistic schedule of every month or two.   Be sure to check back occasionally!

Thank you for helping to make VSAAB one of the best sources of vintage SAAB information on the web!

Chris Rogers
VSAAB & The Vintage SAAB Mailing List

VSAAB Survey #5  (CLOSED)
February 8, 2001

VSAAB 2001

I've been getting lots of great suggestions lately for new features and services to add to VSAAB.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in your ideas!  Some of these ideas will cost money to implement and all of them will take time.  It's important for me to find out how important each of these features are TO YOU so that I know how to prioritize their implementation.

I've been putting off the creation of a real VSAAB Membership Program for months and months.  It's time to get rolling.  Frankly, without the money that such a program would bring in, it is unlikely that I'll be able to bring very many of these ideas to fruition.  I know that many of you have expressed a desire to become VSAAB Members and I REALLY appreciate your support and enthusiasm.  With your help, VSAAB will continue to the best source of vintage SAAB information on the Internet!


Please rate the following proposed VSAAB features and services:

A Web-based forum with multiple, concurrent discussion topics
An on-line auction web site, specifically for vintage SAAB cars and parts
VSAAB hats, key fobs, window stickers, t-shirts and other "club" items
Pre-arranged discounts for service and parts at establishments who cater to vintage SAABs
Expanded parts interchange database
Your own VSAAB e-mail account, i.e. <joeboxer@VSAAB.com>
MORE e-mail each day from The Vintage SAAB Mailing List, >20 posts per day 


Your e-mail address (optional):  


Thank you!


Results of VSAAB Survey #4  (CLOSED)
...as of January 3, 2001  08:30 PST

"Custom Wheels for V4s?"

Would you purchase a set of these wheels for your car?

Yes!  Where do I sign?


Yes, conditionally... 4
No, the cost would surely be prohibitive. 2
No, the style does not appeal to me. 7
Other 3


What would you consider to be a fair price, per wheel, before shipping?
(of those who would purchase a set)

US$100 - 125


US$126 - 150 2
US$151 - 175 1
US$176 - 200 2
US$201 - 225 0
US$226 - 250 0
US$251 - 275 0
US$276 - 300 0
US$301 - 325 0
US$326 - 350 0
US$351 - 375 0
US$376 - 400 0

Some Comments:

"They look to muscle car-ish for my taste, but I have been told that I have no taste."
"Looks Cool, (But I started with Vintage VW's) I would buy a set, but I would keep my stock wheels in the garage for every day driving."
"The wheels would soon look just like all the other SAABs out there. Wheels are always going to be dificult to find for these cars and with a few selections they all will look alike. (again)"
"I'd be interested in knowing what brand (Crager?) these rims are before plunking down the $$. Having a '71 96, (lowered) I'm in the market for wider rims. These would be awesome!"
"The style DOES appeal to me, but not for the personality of my car. Mine needs to have the vintage wheels it has. If I had a V4 in an appropriate color with other performance modifications, I would strongly consider these wheels."
"I have switched my '72 96 over to the GT/Sport 4 bolt lug pattern an use the Shelby/Minilite wheels from the 900's of the mid 80's.This works fine with 175/70 size tires albeit a bit close on the rear when mounting on the car! (the fabric axle straps have to be removed when installing) I also had to come up with mounting bolts to attach them also. I used allen head bolts which have worked fine for many years."
"I would prefer a more classic look to the rims.  Maybe it would be more practical to make hubs and rotors that fit 5 bolt 9000 rims (or other common 5 bolt pattern).  Then anyone could pick there own style of wheel."



Results of VSAAB Survey #3 (CLOSED)
...as of February 12, 2000 10:10 PST

"Vintage SAABs as Daily Drivers?"

How often do you drive a vintage SAAB?

Very rarely (no more than once or twice per year)


Rarely (once or twice every few months) 0
Occasionally (at least once per month) 5
Often (at least once per week) 10
Very often (three or more times per week) 20



Results of VSAAB Survey #2  (CLOSED)
...as of December 30, 1999 13:26 PST

"VSAAB Membership Program"

If a VSAAB Membership program was introduced, would you participate?

No, thanks -- I have all I can handle!


Yes, but be gentle -- I'm on a budget! 18
Yes, but dues would have to be below $50/year 25
Bring it on!  If it's good stuff, $50+ per year is not a problem. 4
Other... with comments.  1



Results of VSAAB Survey #1  (CLOSED)
...as of November 10, 1999 10:00 PST

"Advertising On The List"

Should advertising posted to The Vintage SAAB Mailing List be forwarded to all list subscribers?

No, thanks -- keep the ads on the web site.


Yes, but only post ads for free items. 4
Yes, but private parties only -- no commercial ads. 11
Yes, any and all advertising is OK with me. 3
Other... with comments.  4

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