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Two-stroke Engine Identification
GT 750
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Identify Your SAAB Two-Stroke Engine

The SAAB two-stroke has been around for well over forty years in different configurations.  Finding a fully original example is becoming increasingly unlikely as time goes by and most have become combinations of bits and pieces from various model years -- anything to keep 'em running!  Correctly identifying the engine in that old 96 you found in Uncle Frank's barn is half the battle in getting her going again! 

Mr. Bud Clark of J&B Imports in Orange, California USA is well-known in the SAAB community as an authority in vintage SAAB drivetrains.  Bud is one of the few remaining U.S. sources of parts and information for the feisty three-cylinder powerplant and he has offered to share the following identification table with VSAAB.  Many thanks, Bud! 

Please note:  All of the information provided on VSAAB is assumed correct and is provided solely for the convenience of hobbyists and enthusiasts of early SAAB automobiles.  VSAAB cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, current availability of parts or suitability of the information for any application.  Use your own judgment and be sure to double-check for your own application.

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SAAB Two-Stroke Engine Identification

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Information provided by Bud Clark, J&B Imports

Displacement Style Block Part # Block Casting # Head Part # Head Casting #







  Engine used in all 93's built from 1955 through 1960 93A, 93B, 93F, except GT cars. Engine has eight head bolts and the water goose neck is part of the cylinder head. Rated at 38 HP and was painted green.
750cc GT 7133184 713005 7130040 713004

  Engine used in 750 GT cars starting in 1958 in the 93B with a three speed transmission.  In the 93F and 96 750 GT cars, a four speed transmission was installed.  Engine was also used in 1961 & 1962 96 GT 750 cars.  Water goose
neck is bolted to head (separate part).  The very early 750 GT's were 750 standard blocks that were pulled of the line and hand ported and polished. The casting number was ground off and a new number was stamped in (GT-211).  In late 1958 or 1959 a new block was cast with it's own number and porting already done, only polishing had to be done by hand. All GT 750's came with round weight crankshafts.  An optional 2-barrel carb and tuned exhaust was also available. Horsepower with the standard carb was 48, with the 2-barrel and tuned exhaust up to 57.5 horsepower.  GT engines were painted red.





  This was the first 850 built. It was used in the first of the 95's.  It had eight head bolts. The bolts toward the end of the head were wider spread than the ones in the center. Rare.







  This engine was used in the 95 & 96 cars except the GT's from 1961-1964.   Engine has twelve head bolts and one carb. The early ones were painted beige the later ones blue.  Engine produces 42 horsepower.







    Used in the 850 GT in 1963 & 1964. Has twelve head bolts and the all new oil injection and triple carb.  Rated at 57 horsepower and is painted red.
850cc 1 carb. 7310048 731005 7310022 7310028

  This engine was in the 1965 95 & 96.  Engine has one carb. and the water pump is bolted to the front of the cylinder head.  Also new is the pneumatic fuel pump bolted to the side of cylinder #2.  Engine is rated at 44 horsepower and is painted dark green.


Monte Carlo





  Used in the 1965 Monte Carlo 850, 95 & 96 Special.  The Special is a standard 95/96 with the MC850 powertrain and brakes and was fitted with Pirelli 155/15 radial tires.  The engine has three carbs mounted on a common throttle shaft. Water pump is on the front of the head and the fuel pump is mounted to the side of the #2 cylinder.  Rated at 60 horsepower and was painted red/orange.
850cc Standard 3-carb. 7320047 732005 7320021 7320029

  Another new engine with triple carbs for the standard 95 & 96.  New design to minimize fuel detonation through better fuel distribution.  Used in 1966 and 1967.   Rated at 46 horsepower and was painted dark green.


Monte Carlo





  Redesigned engine for the 1966-67 Monte Carlo 850 and 1966 95 and 96 Special.   The 95 and 96 Specials had front disc brakes, four lug wheels, dual-pipe exhaust systems and a Monte Carlo 850 engine and transmission producing 60 horsepower.  This engine was also used in the 1966 and 1967 Sonett II's where slight polishing and triple side draft carbs on a single throttle shaft allowed for 70 horsepower.  Engines were painted red/orange.
850cc Standard LD 7320443 732045 7320021 7320029

  This was an optional engine for the 1967 95 and 96.  It has oil injection like the MC 850 and the GT 850 engines except it has standard porting and low compression with T-shaped counter weights on the crankshaft.  These engines are often painted red to look like an MC850. BE CAREFUL.  Engine produces 46 horsepower and was originally painted dark green.






  Installed in 1968 95 and 96s.  This engine had a reduced bore size to drop the displacement below 50 cubic inches to qualify as a utility engine - no smog equipment required in the U.S.A.   Identified by a 2 1/2" to 3 inch yellow dot painted on the rear of the block. Engine produced 44 horsepower and was painted dark green.

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