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From: wallace sinclair <wally.sinclair@aol.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2018 12:04 PM

Have 73 Saab Sonnett fiberglass body to give to someone wanting it. There is a
second skin but it has a cracked windshield post, driver's side. Someone driving to
Maine to get it, takes away both. You will have to remove the good fiberglass body from
the steel body with my standing by. The mirrors, lights, front hood, fender nose is all
there. Both the windscreen front and rear window will have to be replaced,
assuming you have the same. The front windshield is here but cracked, for anyone with
a glass maker chum or a specialty parts supplier to accommodate that replacement, will
make this renovation of your beast possible.

My goal is to take a '36 English Ford steel body and custom build a rat rod around the
SAAB steel frame and drive train. That beast only lacks a front hood, so my V-4 motor
will likely always be exposed.



Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 10:35:20 -0600

From: Charles Woodward <idpv16@gmail.com>


Saab Story 2016: We drove Saabs for decades. It�s time to thin the fleet.

For Sale: Assorted western (dry) Saab 99 cars:

1969 and 1970 Saab 99�s, early style body ,dash & bumpers, the Brown one ran, is carbureted, but had a gritchy 3d gear. The tan one, 2 door, has a good body and a bad timing chain, and a later kingkong good gear box.  Thet should probably go as a pair.  $1000

1971 Tan 2dr. 99 for part, no title  $400

1971 4 dr 99, White, ran OK, but fuel pick up is clogged. A little rust in the door bottoms, ID title.

1972 Purple 4 door 99, �Gilbert Grape�, was our 2d car for a decade or so, then sold to a neighbor�s kid, who used it through highschool & college. After graduation, she upgraded to a 900 and it came home again. Last run about a year or so ago. Still fairly low mileage. ID title, needs paint.$995

1974 Green 99, stuck engine, good trans, some rust, good for parts. $400

1986 Saab 900, 2Dr. stuck engine, some parts  used,  good for parts. Nice Mags.  $400   Plus, a few decades accumulation of used parts.  Located in SE Idaho.




Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 20:49:43 -0600

From: Charles Woodward <idpv@ida.net>



Wanted Weber 34ICH single barrel carb with choke, to fit SAAB sonnet.

I have a 2BBL Weber and 2 to 1 adapter from a 96, but t is too tall to fit the Sonnet, but I could use that with a 2bbl ford/ SAAB/ Taunus intake manifold as an alternative option. 

Anyone got a spare Weber ICH or 2bbl manifold to go?  I'm really tired of the fomoco POS carb and  decelerating system, almost impossible to tune right.

Lots of SAAB parts to trade.

Charlie in Idaho





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