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1968 SAAB Sonett V4

     This is a personal car, my second Sonett. I bought it after a friend spied it in a field in Washington state. It had been in a relatively minor accident. They did a utilitarian job fixing the sheet metal so the drivers door seals worked. They did not fix the fiberglass and the rear windshield was cracked. I think the owner didn't want to drive it again after being hit. I got it home using a 3 day permit and went through it. I fixed the fiberglass and I got a new rear windshield.

     I drove it a few years and then started to prep it for Solo racing. I put soccerballs on it. I ported the exhaust. I put in the Pertec ignition and a Weber carb. The guys at the race shop took one look at the structure and built me a heavy down-to-the-feet roll cage. Two of the pictures are details on that roll cage. Now it will almost slide a turn. I removed most of the interior liners to use as forms to do the restoration. Those pieces are in a box in the car. In the middle of this I had some serious medical problems and never got back to working on it. Now I'm able to get around but working on cars and using a clutch are not in my future, so my planned retirement projects are for sale.

     If you look closely at the pictures the front windshield is cracked. I have another windshield. I have not put it in because I presume it will need to come out in order to do a good paint job. If you buy the car I will install it if you prefer.

     The accident damaged the beam that runs under the door on the drivers side. The roll cage provides more stiffness than was lost by the damage so repair is not critical. This part easy to make from sheet metal and detailed instructions to do this are available and cheap. There is very little rust on this car. A few Sonetts for sale recently have been long term projects with substantial rust. Every single part is here, there are no missing items.

     I have the MSS sport exhaust system for this car. It hangs so low that I took it off for everyday driving but it the right thing for Solo.

     The factory jack is there. The spare is a 155R15, the tires are 165R15. IIRC some 165R15s are a bit big for the storage space for the spare. One tire is new the others are old and will need replacing for everyday use.


$4,995 OBO


Myles Swift
(541) 895-2255
Creswell, OR

Submitted:  7/3/16 Q


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