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VSAAB Angels - Road Trip and Car Evaluation Assistance

Eastern USA

Contact Information Nearby Roadways -
Help Offered
Steve Verkouteren
491 Shades Lane
Berkeley Springs, WV  25411



Near Maryland I-70 / I-68

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Vintage Parts

Many greasy head-scratching hours spent on the roadside myself...

Arte Levy
4012 Ryan Place
Schenectady, NY  12303



Near I-90, I-87, NYS Thruway, Adirondack Northway

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Available to help or meet up with those interested or driving any model Saab. Mostly knowledgeable of C900s but have access to air and hand tools, a garage and some parts. Willing to lend a spare hand. Plus I have a guest bedroom, warm shower, and cold or hot beverages should you get stuck or need a place to stay.

Zach Wallace
6 Bessie Avenue
Claremont, NH  03743



Near I-89, I-91, SR12, SR12A, RT103, RT11 

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

I don't have many tools, but if you break down or need help with something, I am more than willing to help out :) I have some 900 and 9000 parts. I own 6 Saab's at the moment, 73 Sonett III, 83 900, 88 900T, 89 900T, 90 900T, and an 88 900 SPG. My AIM s/n is zingZACH.  Feel free to call, write, or stop by my house :) hehe... Saabers are always welcome.
John T. Blair
1133 Chatmoss Drive
Virginia Beach, VA  23464



Near I-64, route 460, route 13

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

Can help with most repairs, etc.

Shop space very limited, but have most
of the tools that would be required... or just stop by for a cup of coffee and a potty stop.
Tom Remedios
6464 Oxford Street
Indianapolis, IN  46220

317-808-3811 days
317-253-5958 evenings


Near I-64, I-65, I-69, I-70, I-74 

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Shop space, air tools, V4 & Sonett parts.  Can also assist with 99's and classic 900's.

Can check out cars in Indiana and bordering towns. 

Always up for a caravan to the convention!
Kurt Weisner
Columbus, IN  47274

812-342-3851 (home)


Near I-65, SR46

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts

Mike Szostkiewicz, USN
2016 Pritchard Street
Panama City, FL  32405



1 hour south of I-10 on SR231

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

Two-car garage with decent tools and a *small* assortment of Sonett III parts. 

Would love the company (if you don't mind a futon and my 2 toddlers!!) 

Nights & weekends are pretty much free, just call! 

Paul Nielsen
300 Shannon Oaks
Harrodsburg, KY  40330

859-734-9261 (home)
859-734-8585 (work)


Near I-64 between Louisville & Lexington, KY

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Two-stroke and V-4 parts, tow dolley if you get stranded, big house for you to stay, most tools needed for complete engine or trans rebuild.
Bruce Turk
333 Saint Andrews Road
Walden, NY  12586



10 minutes from I-87/Route 84 interchange in Newburgh, NY

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

Have literally everything needed for repairing vintage Saabs, including a tow dolly to get you to my home.  Don't wait for a breakdown, give us a call and stop by for a visit. Vintage Saab Disneyland awaits you.
Chris Moberg
660 Richville Road
Standish, ME  04084



Near I-95, Maine Turnpike and SR114

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

V4 Parts, tools and a large (heated) garage. 

Car trailer for those real tough fix-its.

Mike St. Pierre
16 Fairway Drive
Brunswick, ME  04011



Near the Maine Turnpike, I-95

Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

I have a spare stroker with quite a few parts that I would be willing to use in an emergency situation.
Bob Thatcher
47 Alberene Loop
PO Box 214
Schuyler, VA  22969


Near I-64, VA29, VA6, Blue Ridge Pkwy

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Spare parts, tools, shop space, major repair capable in emergency.
Bob Miller
13 Church Street
Stewartstown, PA  17363



I-83, Route 30, Route 1

Roadside Assistance

Will travel a 30 mile radius from Stewartstown to assist.

Stewartstown is just off I-83 near the PA/MD border.

Larry Levine
1212 West Chase
Chicago, IL  60626



90-94, 294, 55, 57, US41

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Ed Lorenz
149 Balford Park Drive
Oneonta, NY  13820



I-88,  NY 7, 23, 28

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

Chris Ahmadjian
109 Beeching Street
Worcester, MA  01602

508-791-9734 (home)
413-545-2604  (work)


Routes 290, 190, I-495, I-90

Roadside Assistance

I have a 1966 96 and 1972  Sonett and a small garage with enough tools to rebuild both cars.  Glad to help out if you get stuck on one of our crowded little highways.

My best advice, stay away from Routes 128 (95) and 93 at rush hour.

Steve Raker
1208 E. Main
Delta, OH  43515



Route 2, Route 109, Route 80/90 (OH Turnpike)

Roadside Assistance

I am new to SAABs but I have a good head for emergency repairs.  About 20 Miles west of Toledo.  Have most tools and a pickup truck.
Bill Trench
23 Ridgeland Road
South Salem, NY  10590



I-95, 684, 84, Merritt Parkway

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Lots 'o parts, tools, shop space, beds, floors, whatever... 26 yrs of V4s. New to the strokers, but, hey, I'm working on it. Got a bunch of parts for them, too. Stop by even if you don't need help.  On your way to a meet in the East ? We're cheaper than Motel 6.
Bob & Debbie Miller
211 Hummock Pond Road
Nantucket Island, MA  02554



Take ferry from Cape Code, Rte 6

Emergency Lodging

We are 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, so chances are you won't be "just passing through".  A 3 hour ferry ride from Hyannis will get you here.  If anyone is interested in a weekend destination, please let me know. A vintage caR show/parade/picnic is held every year on "daffodil weekend" usually the third week of April. We have lots of room for you and your car. Tools and limited parts available.
Ernesto Grundseth
669 Henry Street, Apt 2
Brooklyn, NY  11231



In New York City...

Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Don't really have much (no garage, few parts) but I've torn apart a few 96s(V4s) and Sonetts. If you need a place to crash, I've got a futon.
Duane Dostie
306 Sunnyside Road
Schoharie, NY  12157



Near Albany, I88

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

Two car garage with air tools, engine hoist, welder.  Don't know anything about vintage SAABs, but I'll help you if you're stuck.
Ken Payne
24 Lafayette Avenue
Fountain Inn, SC 29644



I-385 & I-85 near Greenville, SC

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Plenty of two stroke, V4, 99 experience.  Happy to help with problems if I'm in town.
Mike White
Upper Jaffrey Road
Dublin, NH  03444

603-563-5076 home
603-381-0160  cell


I-91, SR9, SR10, SR12, SR101

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Home of the RallyHo Motorsports 99GLI ProRally car.  99/900 spares, plenty of tools, truck/trailer, well lit garage, 1/4 mile dirt "testing facility" (driveway), futon, cat named Inca, and cold beer.
Jim Hutchings
2376 Bailey Road
Hubbardsville, NY  13355



Routes 12 & 12B, Route 20

Roadside Assistance

Saab Tech at dealership. We have tow dollies and a garage with lift-some spare parts. I can work on anything 900, 9000 etc. and learning vintage through my old cars.  Plenty of tools if you can fix your own vintage car.  Glad to help!
Jeff Powell
7 Snow Hill Road
Dublin, NH  03444

603-357-0912  (work)



Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

Visit http://jpowell.tripod.com/saab.html

We have a 1994 900s Convertible, a 1993 9000CS and a 1972 Sonett III [still in pieces] which means I have quite a few Sonett III/V4 parts, all in Brattleboro, VT

Bruce Billing
310 Mountain Road
Cape Neddick, ME  03902



Near I-95

Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

Have a '66 wagon and '69 Sonett, garage with tools and air, extra room, and always willing to talk vintage SAABs.
Stephen Mancuso
115 Wilton
Troy, MI  48085-7008

248-689-9585 (home)
248-526-9680 (work)


Near I-75 and M-59

Roadside Assistance

I may not be able to tow or trailer you anywhere, but could offer to drive out and rescue a stranded VSAABer and offer driveway space until parts arrive to get back on the road.  Garage is heated with enough tools to disassemble and re-assemble most Saabs. I am about 20 minutes north of Detroit.
William "Chip" Lamb
West of Sweden SAAB
19120 The Glebe Lane
Charles City, VA  23030

804-357-4926 (cell)


Near I-64, I-295/I-95 Richmond, VA

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Vintage SAAB Parts, service, advice, bed, breakfast, beer, cigars, etc.
John Bell
145 Varney Road
Dover, NH  03820



Near I-95 and Route 16

Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

69 Sonett, 68 Sonett parts car, 74 Sonett III, 72 Sonett parts car. Heat-able garage, tools (including engine hoist).
Chris Suessle
12 Meddaugh Road
Pleasant Valley, NY  12569

845-797-2302  cell


Near the Taconic Pkwy, routes 84, 684, 22, 44 and 55

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Four-car shop with small lift, welder (mig/tig/stick) cutting/welding torch, air tools and V4 specialty tools.  Lots of two-stroke experience.  (Dad's the V4er) some spare parts, hoses, belts, alt, gen, thermostats, wheel bearings, rims and tires, etc.  Will travel up to 60 miles to help and, if needed, pick you and your car up to get you going again.  Have fun SAAB'n around!
Dave Hosmer
365 Route 198
Woodstock Valley, CT  06282



Near I-84, I-395, I-90 (Mass Pike)

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Garage, tools, manuals, parts.  Capable of doing full rebuild of cars, mostly Sonetts. Truck and trailer capable of hauling up to 99s.  I have at least one Sonett for each year they were made.  Stop by and visit.
Richard Barth
266 Gilbert Avenue
Winsted, CT  06098



New Routes 8, 44, 91 & 84
About 30 minutes from Lime Rock

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Heated garage, welder, tools, compressor & many spares 99,900 & 9000..

Wife makes a great cup of coffee & kids give great hugs...

Anything for a "Saaber".... I can be reached on the TSN chat as well.

Michael Logan
8027 Pace Road
Norfolk, VA  23518



Near Rte 13, I-64 and I-95

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Air tools and large assortment of hand tools.  Access to a truck and trailer for emerg. welding and painting at friends FIAT shop.  Familiar with 900, 99 and 97. Lots of local SAAB wrench turners.  Stop by - guests always welcome.  I live near the Norfolk International Airport and Military bases.
Chris McHugh
8 Maple Street
Sunapee, NH  03782



Near I-89 and I-91

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

20+ years of model 96 service.  Have 4 Saabs (2 96's, 2 900's) plus large 96/V-4 inventory.  Small garage, many tools, truck and car trailer.

Always willing to help.

Don "Swedish Imports" Levesque
714 Route 3-A
Bow, NH


Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
We are a independent Saab & Volvo dealer, will help out any Saab or Volvo owner, roadside or towing and local transportation.  We have four lifts and all the tools, ASE techs and a full body shop, been in business for over twenty five years.  Ask for John.  We are three miles from Concord, N.H.
Bradley Burns
7593 Winterhaven Dr
Liverpool, NY  13088


Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

I have a large stash of V4 and two-stroke parts.
Don Fatzinger Automotive
213 South Robeson Street
Robesonia, PA  19551


Near I78, PA Turnpike, US 422

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Fully equipped shop, vintage parts and expertise, advice and fair labor rates.

Located about halfway between Philadelphia and Harrisburgh, west of Reading, PA.

Gary Stottler
69 Ontario Street
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
(585) 582-2435
(585) 624-6709


NY Thruway (I-90), I-390, I-490, US20

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Located just south of Rochester, NY. Have a fair stash of 2-stroke 96 parts and later 99 parts.  Glad to evaluate any Saab or esoteric old car or tractor!  Glad to help out in any way, or just stop by and chat.
Brian Kennedy
5742 Colleton Drive
Westerville, OH  43082
(614) 325-3648

I-70 and I-71

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

Columbus, Ohio.  My parts stock is primarily for 900's but I have past experience with 99's.  Small garage, lots of metric tools, air compressor & air tools.  Own SUV w/trailer hitch for your car-pulling emergencies!
Ronald Collins
4328 Genesee Road
Grand Blanc, MI  48439
(810) 715-1733 

I-75 and I-69

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging

If you are in Michigan and need something SAAB - please call.  I always have cold beer and lots of tools - been a SAAB dealer since 1959 and love old SAABs.
David Renaud
76 Franklin Street, #2L
Brooklyn, NY  11222
(917) 693-7335 
I-278, I-95 and I-495

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

I'm in the metro New York City area.
Jonathan Dennis
16 High Street, Apt 5
Easthampton, MA  01027
(413) 527-2469
I-95, NJTP, GSP, NYA Thruway

Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

My girlfriend and I have an apartment with plenty of on-street parking and limited driveway space where our '85 900S, '89 900T, and '73 99 live.  I have a small selection of tools as well as some factory V4, 99, and 900 repair manuals. I'll gladly offer a helping hand and a futon for any fellow VSAABer if the need should arise.
Stefan Vapaa
7 Speer Road
Wilmington, DE  19809
(302) 559-9388


Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Pre-purchase Evaluation

I've got a garage with tools... and Sports Car Service Inc is a mile down the hill from me with tons of parts and service... and if you know me I can get you in when you are in a pinch.
Lewis & Judy Eig
371 Schraalenburgh Road
Haworth, NJ  07641
(201) 501-8877
I-95, NJTP, GSP, NYA Thruway

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Familiar with all Saabs, newest to oldest, 2-strokes, V-4, Triumph and Saab 4 strokes, turbos
Nick Julian
4840 State Route 3
Central Square, NY 13036
(201) 501-8877
NY RT3, I81. I90, NY RT.104, I690

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

I have the Wellwood Garage.  I do racecar prep, but I still have a ton of 95, 96 & 97 parts and the knowledge to keep them running.  Suburban and trailer are normally at the ready!
Sam Gomez
1120 N. Lasalle
Chicago, IL  60610
(630) 201-1683
Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation
I would love to help my fellow Sonett lovers, whenever and however.
Jonah Erikson
47 Victoria Street, Unit 6 Rear
Keene, NH  03431
(603) 313-9072
Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

I've got a full commercial shop here in Keene.  I'm no VSAAB expert, but I know enough to try and I'll be careful with your car!  I have very few really old parts but Jeff Powell is nearby :-) Lots of C900 & 9000 parts though. You're welcome to work on your own car here in an emergency. I'm sure I could find you a place to stay too (my apartment is small)

Thor Carlson
2 Manor Drive
Newton, NJ 07860

(973) 579-3891
(973) 332-4075


Near routes 80, 287 and 84

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

No more vintage cars but heated garage, tools and lodging.


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