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VSAAB Angels - Road Trip and Car Evaluation Assistance

Outside the USA

Contact Information Nearby Roadways -
Help Offered
Oren Kipnis
IL 69630
Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

+972 [0]544 381386


Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Every one always welcome also without your SAAB. Help and some spares available from 2 stroke to turbo Just call when ever you are in Israel or planning to come.
David Nameri
2 Haarazim
Zichron Yaakov, ISRAEL

011 972 66292626
011 972 50201388


Near Highway 4 between Haifa & Tel Aviv

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

Even if you come up here without your SAAB you are welcome!!!!
Hans Fredrik Larsen
Ekegaten 11
Sarpsborg Norway 1725

+ 47 69 14 64
+ 47 99 55 03 64


Near E6

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts

Do you drive a vintage Saab in Southern Norway and get problems, I sure will help You out.  Do have spare parts in stock.  And many contacts in and outside Norway.  See You !
Throstur Bjarnason
Barmahlid 2
Reykjavik , Iceland



Center of Reykjavik

Roadside Assistance
Vintage Parts
Emergency Lodging
Pre-purchase Evaluation

If ever in Iceland and need help or to share the Saab joy give me a call.
Peter E. Hansen
Mejerig�rdsvej 17, Lyngerup
DK-3630 Jaegerspris

(+45) 47 56 30 12


E45 / E47

Roadside Assistance
Emergency Lodging

I have owned a 1965 SAAB 96 2-stroke, until it found a good home with an old SAAB mechanic.  Now looking for a 1960-1963 bullnose in mint condition - maybe a '64 if it's REALLY good.  Vintage SAAB'er, you are always welcome!


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  Roadside Assistance
  Vintage Parts
  Emergency Lodging
  Pre-purchase Evaluation
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