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Vintage SAABs & Their Owners

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SAAB-powered vehicles
Unique machines run by SAAB powerplants
Two-Stroke Engine Identification Table Do you think that three-banger you found might be a GT or Monte Carlo variant?  Check here to find out for sure!
Vintage SAAB Parts Interchange Table Finding quality parts for your early SAAB can be a challenge.  With VSAAB's Parts Interchange Table, you'll find alternate sources of parts that will help you keep your car running forever.
SAAB Part Numbers
VSAAB contributor Bruce Turk has collected this list of SAAB part numbers for many of the common replacement parts we need to keep 'em running!
VSAAB Articles How-to's and non-technical essays on the vintage SAAB ownership experience.  
Index of Ads, Road Tests & Magazine Articles Thanks to VSAAB subscriber Bruce Turk, an index of vintage SAABs in print!
Thor's 96 Page
Thor Carlson has put together this page dedicated to the venerable SAAB 96
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The 1971 SAAB Sport & Rally Catalog Take yourself back to the heady days of SAAB V4 rally competition!
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The 2000 National SAAB Owner's Convention
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Prize-winning photos and a slide show with scenes from SOC2K
A Brief Timeline of SAAB A rundown of SAAB's company history, 1948 - 2016


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